Wings of Prayer

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Wings of Prayer

Baha'i Prayers for Women

Surveys indicate that women tend to have a richer, more committed prayer life than men. It is appropriate, then, to have a prayer book that is designed specifically for women's use. While there are several such Baha'i prayer books now available, this is the only one that is light enough to carry in your purse and affordable enough to give to almost every woman you know.

Nicely organized, the seventy-five prayers and quotations inside are either directed towards women, or are about issues of interest to women. This recently expanded 4x6" edition is larger, 50% longer, and has almost twice the number of prayers and quotations as the earlier edition. In addition, it now has a beautiful full-color cover and a pale blue butterfly on each page. These special touches make this a book that Bahá'í women will want to carry with them and read from often. A nice introduction and clear table of contents makes it very seeker friendly as well. Isn't it interesting that, even though women comprise over half of the population, designating a prayer book specifically for them makes it feel more personalized and intimate? This special touch can open doors for teaching that a general introduction can't.

Compiled by Karen and Justice St Rain. Design by Justice St Rain.

Special Ideas, USA

Soft cover booklet

56 pages

4" x 6"