Why Me? A Spiritual Guide to Growing Through Tests

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Why Me? A Spiritual Guide to Growing Through Tests

Personal tests can either draw people towards God, or push them away.  Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge one way or another to make the difference.  With so many people facing severe personal, financial and health challenges, it is more important than ever that we make sure that the nudge is in the right direction.  This book has already helped thousands of people discover the hidden gifts behind the tests they are facing.  

This book explains in a simple, profound and often humorous way, why a kind and loving God will give us tests in order to help us develop our full spiritual potential.

Starting with the metaphor of a gardener pruning a rose bush, it goes on to explain the four kinds of tests, the role of emotions in identifying tests, and the spiritual tools we can use to pass tests with flying colors.  It is selling like there is no tomorrow everywhere from Australia to England.  Non-Baha'i friends tell me that they have read it multiple times, and therapists recommend it to their clients.

It is beautifully formatted with metallic gold accents on the cover and cream-colored paper inside.  It packs a lot of profound information in an easy-to-read 104 pages.

By: Justice St Rain

Special Ideas, USA

Soft Cover

104 pages

22 x 14 cm