The Virtues Activity & Colouring Book Ages 5-10

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The Virtues Activity & Colouring Book Ages 5-10Illustrated by Svetlana Zhizhina

The Virtues Activity and Colouring Book for Ages 5-10 NEW!!

The Virtues Colouring Books help parents and teachers support and nurture our children as capable members of our communities by focusing their attention on noble behaviours and helping to develop the attitudes and skills needed to demonstrate these qualities in an increasingly diverse and rapidly changing world. 

The 35 Virtues covered in this coloring book for children ages 5-10 are: service, unity, love, enthusiasm, justice, cooperation, orderliness, excellence, kindness, cleanliness, respect, thankfulness, unity, trustworthiness, patience, love, helpfulness, gentleness, service, forgiveness, joyfulness, creativity, generosity, friendliness, prayerfulness, caring, unity, joyfulness, kindness, peacefulness, honesty, humility, loyalty, compassion, and Generosity.

Publisher: Badí Publishing Corporation

Soft cover

36 pages

8.25 x 11 inches / 21 x 28 cm