The Covenant Daily Readings

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The Covenant Daily Readings

The Covenant Daily Readings - compilation by Enoch N. Tanyi

"The reading of the Holy verses in the morning and evening is an act of devotion to God aimed at immersing one’s soul in the ocean of His revelation, meditating on the import of the revealed Word, and turning one’s heart to Him through His Manifestation.” 

This book is developed as an aid to the friends in their daily deepening on the subject of the Covenant.

It is important to note that not all the passages in this compilation are Holy Verses - only the Writings from the Manifestations of God constitute the Holy Verses.

Revised edition - August 2008

Baha'i Publishing Trust, India

Hard Cover

384 pages

19 x 12 cm

PLEASE NOTE: This book has a light cover that has a few dirt marks so it will NOT be in perfect condition.