Story of Daphne Duck, The

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Story of Daphne Duck, TheWhat do you want to be when you grow up? Little Daphne Duck ponders that same question one day, knowing only that she wants to be of service. But how? Doing what? Asking her friends what they do, she soon realises their jobs are not for her. Watching the other ducks in the pond, she suddenly knows what she will do to help them. Her new discovery makes her feel good about herself, too! Part of the Animal Tales series that teaches various virtues to young children through charming stories of animals. Each story deals with a situation that the animals must solve, often with a moral at the end of the tale.

Author: Jennifer Lemon; Illustrator: Mariya Daliri Beale

Ages 2-7 years.

Baha'i Publications, Australia;

ISBN 1-876322-42-X;


13 pages;

21 x 25.4 cm