Songs of the Spirit, Vol. 2

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Songs of the Spirit, Vol. 2
These are a series of easy to learn songs exploring the meanings in quotations from Baha’i writings or on themes related to Baha’i teachings. There are also songs for Holy Days and telling stories from the Baha'i Faith. They have been well received and used to support children's classes and Junior Youth activities in the UK, as well as in state Primary Schools. 

The songbook contains lyrics, melody line and chords and a CD of the songs. So you can sing along to the CD or play your own accompaniment.

They are ideal for developing singing for all ages in Baha’i activities.

Songs are also available to stream or download e.g. on itunes and spotify

You can listen to them at:

Contents in this volume:

- All around the world
- No Borders (The earth is but one country)
- Ayyam-i-Ha
- Mulla Husayn
- Tabriz (Martyrdom of the Bab)
- Baha'u'llah and the puppet show
- The Gardener
- The Power of Unity
- There is always time

Design by: Diana Howlett

Ralph Allen Press, UK

Soft Cover

A4 size

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