Refresh and Gladden My Spirit

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Refresh and Gladden My SpiritDiscover the Baha'i approach to prayer with this collection of beautiful, soul-stirring prayers and meditations from Baha'i scripture. Pamela Brode's introduction explains basic Baha'i teachings on the subject of prayer and spiritual sustenance and considers questions such as: What is prayer? Why pray? Are our prayers answered? Does prayer benefit the world?
The selections that follow include more than 120 prayers and extracts from Baha'i scripture on themes such as assistance from God, comfort, contentment, difficult times, death, faith, healing, marriage and family life, protection, strength, and many others. These powerful selections are sure to sustain, refresh, and gladden your spirit.

Introduction: Pamela Brode

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing, USA

Soft  Cover

Pages:  194

Size:  4  1/4  X  7  inches