Pocketful of Pearls - Prayers & Writings for Older Children

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Pocketful of Pearls - Prayers & Writings for Older Children

The new edition of A Pocketful of Pearls has a stunning cover by Joe Paczkowski.  It will appeal to the intended readers, who are between the ages of seven and twelve. These are children who are too old for picture books, but not quite ready for a full-sized adult prayer book. The contents were vetted by the publisher's daughter, when she was eight years old.  She also highlighted words she didn’t know and these words make up a 150 word glossary in the back that even adults will find helpful.

What's Inside A Pocketful of Pearls
Inside you will find prayers for 'When you are happy', 'When you need help', 'Meetings', and more. An extra effort was made to help familiarize older children with some of the best-known writings in both the Bahai world, and the Christian world where they need to be culturally literate. They will learn the Lord's Prayer, the opening lines of Genesis, 'Seek and Ye Shall Find', 'Blessed are the peacemakers', and several other Christian favorites. They will also, of course, be reintroduced to many of the Ruhi memorization selections; words from their favorite Bahai Writings-based songs; favorite quotes like: 'Be generous in prosperity', and 'To be a Bahai' plus a few less familiar quotations that refer to pearls and gems.

All of this is packaged with a beautiful laminated full-color cover that is easy to hold and carry. Inside pages are printed in blue and have redesigned pearl and shell borders. The type in this new edition is even more readable than the original.

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Pocket size booklet

4 x 6 inches - 10 x 15 cm

64 pages