Our Seven Families: Expanding and Enriching our Sense of Belonging (GR)

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Our Seven Families:  Expanding and Enriching our Sense of Belonging (GR)

Drawing on her experience as a social scientist and on insights derived from a deep study of the Bahá’í Sacred Writings, Elaine McCreary offers a fresh perspective on human affairs, revealing new hope and opportunities for action. Her analysis expands our conception of the nature and range of human relationships, stresses the link between spiritual activities and social transformation, and suggests creative practical solutions for restoring a sense of true and loving fellowship, personal well-being and security. She skilfully weaves together the threads of a rich tapestry of social possibilities, identifying elements essential for the creation of a future society characterized by peace, diversity and justice, a society that is bound to be radically different from any established in the past. 


About the Author

Elaine McCreary is a globally-oriented educator, published by NATO for online learning and the Soviet Academy of Scientists for methods and techniques of mass public education. Her professional work spans many fields of lifelong learning including a tenured Associate Professorship for graduate studies in international development, work in the administrative development of secondary and post-secondary institutions, and funding policy analysis in a Ministry of Advanced Education. The highlight of those careers was service at the Bahá’í World Centre (1991–97) focusing on staff and organizational development at the direction of the Universal House of Justice. Elaine holds a B.A., M.A. and Ed.D. in fields related to lifelong learning. She is currently President and Creative Director of Harvest Home Lifelong Learning, Inc. ( creating courses for online delivery, and publications related to life skills in the 21st century. Elaine’s teaching work has taken her from Iceland to Malaysia and from Western Siberia to Hawaii. She was made her home on the west coast of Canada; and is Mother to three grown daughters and Nanny to four inspiring grandchildren.

George Ronald, Oxford

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208 pages

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