One God, Many Faiths; One Garden, Many Flowers

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One God, Many Faiths; One Garden, Many Flowers

This book offers an in-depth study of Bahá’í teachings. It responds to many questions people ask about the Bahá’í Faith.

One God, Many Faiths; One Garden, Many Flowers is a bold experiment in teaching. It takes an entirely new approach to reaching the hearts and souls of the seekers. It is both a serious and a humorous book. Few people can read it and remain indifferent to Bahá’u’lláh.

People have heard so many lies, they have learned to put up a wall between their souls and whatever they hear. We need a book that breaks the wall. One God is that type of book. It covers the widest range of emotions—from humor to warnings. It also appeals to reason on a scale you have not seen in an introductory book before. Little by little, it breaks down every known barrier people have placed between themselves and the truth.

You as a Bahá’í will find many new topics in this book and its sequel, topics that are not covered by other sources. For instance, you will find an answer to this question: "Why do some of the most wonderful people fail to become Bahá’ís?” Or "What is the difference between a religion and a cult?” Under the preceding question you will find 23 differences. In relation to every one of those differences, you will discover that the Bahá’í Faith stands out as the purest religion in the world today. 

A unique feature of One God and its sequel is this: It emphasizes biblical proofspointing to Bahá’u’lláh. Why involve the Bible in an introductory book? Because it is easier to build on a foundation that already exists. People’s loyalty to the Bible is that foundation. When we speak about Abraham, Noah, and Jesus, we elevate the Faith from the human plan to the divine plan, from the mind to the heart. Outside the biblical evidence, the best we can do is to motivate people to appreciate our teachings. The biblical evidence also introduces the question of accountability. In their hearts, the seekers know that if Bahá’u’lláh is indeed their divine Redeemer, they cannot ignore Him.

Even to those who have had a slight exposure to the Bible, it is best to show the connection between the Bahá’í Faith and their Faith. A Christian editor who read One God and its sequel indicated that she wished she could write a book like it in defense of her Faith!

Global Perspective, USA

20 x 20 x 3 cm 

290 pages

Hard Cover