Never Say a Mean Word Again: A Tale from Medieval Spain

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Never Say a Mean Word Again: A Tale from Medieval Spain"Make sure Hamza never says a mean word to you again,” Samuel’s father orders. 

What should Samuel do? His father is Grand Vizier, the most important advisor in the royal court. No one disobeys the Vizier. But how can Samuel make sure Hamza will never insult him again? Inspired by a powerful legend of conflict resolution in Muslim Spain, Never Say a Mean Word Again is the story of a boy who accidentally turns an enemy into a friend. 

This charming tale is told from the point of view of Samuel, and follows him on his perplexing quest to neutralise an enemy. The surprise solution unfolds so naturally that readers are tempted to laugh along with Samuel and his previous enemy. Truly a delightful story that helps to answer the timeless questions of how to deal with an aggressor and make new friends.

Author: Jacqueline Jules   Illustrator: Durga Yael Bernhard

Soft Cover

26 x 21 cm

36 pages