Moving Beyond Compromise: Why Stop there

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Moving Beyond Compromise: Why Stop there


Frustrated by meetings that end in compromises no one supports? The frequently painful process of reaching a decision in business only to see it derailed or not implemented is a situation all too familiar. The very nature of compromise leads to middle-ground decisions that are often neither good nor workable.

This book introduces "Solution Building” as an effective decision making process. Nine "Guiding Principles” are introduced as Rules in the context of a fictional company that desperately needs to make decisions that will determine the survival of the organization and the livelihood of the employees who are called upon to make and then implement those decisions.

(Inspired by Bahá’i Writings on Consultation, the book addresses the practical application of Bahá’i Consultation in any Business or Organization without direct reference)

Authors: Kevin SmithMichael BurkeGordon McComb

Publisher: Counsel Publishing

Soft cover

140 pages

23 x 16 cm