Manijeh, Not Only A Change Of Name (GR)

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Manijeh, Not Only A Change Of Name  (GR)By Manijeh Saatchi
with the assistance of Fereshteh Hooshmand

A story of love, belief and triumph. It is historic because it is the first time that the story of the House of the Báb in Bushehr has been told. It is also Manijeh’s story, because she was the custodian of that holy place. Fereshteh Hooshmand

This book describes a degree of hardship to which very few people are subjected in the course of their lives. Manijeh’s beloved husband’s untimely death occurs as a consequence of an assault instigated by those opposed to his religious beliefs. Her children are exposed to constant humiliation and discrimination, their education interrupted or terminated. Family assets are confiscated by unscrupulous officials, with no legal justification or redress. Members of her family are reduced to poverty through the operation of schemes designed to deprive them of professional opportunities and income.However, this is not a book of lamentation; far from it. It is a record of the power of the human spirit to withstand even the most perfidious oppressors and to emerge triumphant from persecution. As such it conveys a message of hope and optimism for all who value truth and who yearn for justice to prevail. Peter Khan

George Ronald, Oxford

160 pages plus plate sections

203 x 127 mm ( 8 x 5 ins)

Soft cover