Falling Into Grace (2nd Edition)

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Falling Into Grace (2nd Edition)Subtitled 'The Trials and Triumphs of Becoming a Bahá'í', this is not your standard introductory book, not a list of the rights and responsibilities of the new believer. Rather, the author considers 'all of the things I wish I had known when I became a Bahá'í at the age of 17 in 1974.' When describing his approach to this topic, he goes on to say, 'It is not so much "what to believe" as how to hold on to what you already believe. It is not "what to do" so much as how to forgive yourself and try again when you fail to do what you already know needs to be done....

If this book helps even one Bahá'í sidestep a crisis in faith and follow the Path with renewed faith and confidence, then it will have been worth the effort.

Justice St. Rain

Special Ideas, USA

ISBN 1-888547-03-0


144 pages

22 x 14cm