Economics of the Future Begins Today

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Economics of the Future Begins Today

By Badi Shams

"The present economic system is sick and is dying. It cannot meet the needs of humanity. The gap between rich and poor is getting wider and wider, which has increased the suffering of the masses. The solutions that can heal it have been ignored. It is time to re-examine the fundamental assumptions that this system was built on and replace them with humane, moral and spiritual ones. A shift in thinking is needed. We have the solutions and the technology to build a new system; all we need is the resolve and the will. The time for action is upon us. This is our eleventh hour.”

The book takes us through a lesson in economics in simple terms and puts forward the Bahá’í point of view in relation to the current economic system and what ails it and the cure for it from spiritual point of view.
It is a study in simplicity of how inequality and the wide gap between the rich and the poor can be managed, it is a book of much more than economics.

Soft Cover

Baha'i Publishing Trust, India

21 x 14 cm

220 pages