Creative Dimensions of Suffering

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Creative Dimensions of SufferingIn this book the author draws on his personal knowledge and expereince as a psychiatrist, as well as extensive research in literature, to explore the enigmatic and intruiging connection between creativity and suffering. He examines the lives of many well known artists, writers, poets and scientists, as well as ordinary individuals, who have arisen above their own suffering and left behind a legacy of unique and amazing experiences. Dr Ghadirian also explores how various conditions such as alcoholism, depression, bipolar disorder, and dementia can influence a person's creative impulse and how the interplay of creativity and spirituality can help a person deal with trauma and hardship.

Drawing on principles found in the Bahá'í Faith, Dr Ghadirian considers the meaning of suffering, its place in human society, and how it can lead to a closer, happier relationship with God, as well as a better relationship with oneself and with others

by A-M. Ghadirian, M.D.

Bahá.í Publishing, USA.



175 pages.