Creating Excellent Relationships

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Creating Excellent RelationshipsOne factor works better than all others to create happy relationships: two people with excellent and compatible characters. This book is your vital guide to knowing and developing your own character and skillfully observing character qualities in a partner.

This book provides:
  • Ways that excellent character choices relate to family interactions, friendships, couple activities, communication, equality, spirituality, sex, and more
  • Detailed guides for understanding qualities such as honesty, kindness, compassion, courage, commitment, helpfulness, patience, respect, and more
  • Practical components for learning, such as activities, reflections, and worksheets
  • Wisdom through quotations from diverse character and relationship experts and multifaith sources.

"Creating Excellent Relationships: The Power of Character Choicesis a rich resource that can guide an individual or a couple considering a committed relationship. It provides a path to learning about the virtues of one's own character and that of one's partner replete with interactive activities and exercises for exploring these vital issues deeply."
~ Linda Kavelin Popov, author and co-founder of The Virtues Project

"A successful marriage isn't about finding the "right one". It's about being a person of Godly principles and doing the right things. So often people overlook the importance of character when choosing a spouse. This book will help couples look beyond their feelings of love and infatuation to examine themselves, and the person they choose to marry." ~ Mark Gungor, marriage speaker and author of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Author: Susanne M Alexander

Publisher: Marriage Transformation, LLC

Soft cover

Size:  8.50 X 11.00 Inches, 28 x 21.5cm