Colour Meditations (Full Set of 9)

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Colour Meditations (Full Set of 9)

Colour meditations is a series of 9 themed books for devotionals compiled and designed by Corinne Randall.

They incorporate quotes from a wide range of spiritual sources including the Baha'i writings, poetry of Rumi and Hafiz and mystical writings from the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian traditions.

Each page is individually illuminated to reflect the metaphors in the text and the images glow and resonate out of each distinct colour mood.

These books are a perfect gift to gently share the Word of God with your friends or to use in devotionals which are accessible to all.

Green  Nature – The majesty of the Creator reflected in the beauty of the natural world.

Red  Adoration – The fire of love which burns away all veils and fills the spirit with ecstasy and rapture.

White  Timelessness – The presence of God experienced through focus on the eternal moment of the here and now.

Black  Mystery – The mystery of the unknown which gives meaning to our lives.

Orange  Joy – The everlasting spiritual happiness of a unified soul which allows it to transcend all pain and sorrow.

Blue  Flight – The flight of the soul into the realms of the infinite.

Turquoise  The Ocean – Our individual drops merge with the ocean of eternal grace.

Yellow  Light – Divine illumination, radiating life to all of existence, reflected within the mirror of the soul.

Purple  Paradise- The true paradise of nearness to God symbolised through visions of a heavenly homeland.

Compiled and designed by Corinne Randall

Each book has 48 pages

17.5 cm square and 4mm thick

Intellect Publishers, Bristol

Soft Cover