Choosing Your Destiny

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Choosing Your Destiny

Choosing Your Destiny follows a rather intellectual-spiritual approach. It is written for those who have no interest in the Bible. This book is especially useful for those who are searching for peace of mind, for a religion without prejudice and priest. It emphasizes the joy of knowing and loving God. It is written in a language that appeals to people such as the "New Agers.”

One reason people fail to investigate the Bahá’í Faith is this: they have been taught to abandon their responsibilities and the power to choose. This illusion allows them to leave their spiritual destiny in the hands of religious leaders. Choosing Your Destiny undermines this destructive illusion.

A special feature of Choosing Your Destiny is this: a chapter at the end of the book presents the ways in which God motivates human beings to accept His new Messengers. The examples offered in that chapter will awaken the soul of many sincere seekers who have tried to postpone choosing their destiny.

A special chapter in this book shows how the author applies the Bahá’í principles to his profession.

Hard Cover

Global Perspective

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371 pages