Adam's Wish: Unknown Poetry of Tahirih

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Adam's Wish: Unknown Poetry of Tahirih
Táhirih, the remarkable poetess of nineteenth-century Persia, penned many poems that were either thought to be lost or remained untranslated. This outstanding volume contains a number of previously unpublished and largely unknown poems both in their original calligraphy and in English.
Many of these poems relate to Táhirih's spiritual beliefs. She often refers to Adam, the first Prophet of God, and the Prophets of the past to reveal her insights into the process by which God empowers his messengers to educate humanity. It is through this process that the wish of Adam and all the Prophets of the past to witness the day when humanity will reach its full spiritual potential is fulfilled. Táhirih announces that day has now come.

Author: John S Hatcher Second Author: Amrollah Hemmat

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing USA


Pages 275

25 x 15 cm