A Messenger of Joy

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A Messenger of Joy

A Messenger of Joy is the most comforting and positive book ever written on death and the afterlife. In comforting and uplifting the souls of the grieved, it sets a record that is not likely to be broken for a long time.

The content of this book will diminish your fears of dying. After reading it, we hope you will not become too detached from this world and careless about your health! We hope you will not start a diet of ice cream, coke, cookies, chocolate, and cheesecake! We would like to have you around for a long time to buy more copies of this book to give away! We would like to keep the most urgently needed people on our planet—the angels of Bahá—who are given the honor of establishing God’s Kingdom on earth.

A Messenger of Joy also draws a positive picture of this life—so positive that it may make you too attached to this world. After reading it, you may feel so good about yourself and about your purpose in this life, that you may go on a diet of spinach, yogurt, vitamin pills, and oat bran! You may become extremely devoted to the task of collecting and saving an abundant harvest of virtues as a provision for your final departure from the earth.

A Messenger of Joy is not poetry, but it is written in a poetic language adorned with metaphors and similes. This feature will allow you to read it repeatedly without getting bored. It is written in the style of the King James Version of the Bible and The Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh. It is also similar to Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. He too imitated the language of the Bible. As you know, Gibran paid the highest tribute to ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and drew a portrait of Him.

Aside from reading and enjoying A Messenger of Joy, you can give it as a gift to:

Those who have lost a loved one.

  • Those suffering from a fatal disease or from symptoms of old age.
  • Those who need readings for memorials.

Since it reflects the Bahá’í perspective on death, you can also use it as a means of teaching. It does not directly mention the Bahá’í Faith. It simply prepares the reader for the Bahá’í teachings on the afterlife.

A Messenger of Joy replaces the fear of death with a sense of adventure into the glorious realm beyond. It transforms the devastating sense of loss and separation into the joy of hope and reunion.

It contains two parts. In part I, a heavenly voice speaks to give the earthly ones assurance and comfort, to help them overcome their fears of death. In part II, a spirit, who has left the earth, reveals the joys and glories of heaven. This part is dedicated to Rúhíyyih Khánum.

An example from the book:

O passing pilgrims! Gather blossoms of joy while you may. Hang your troubles upon the trees, and cast your cares to the wing.

Banish the night with your love, wake the dawn with your praise.

Sing and dance and be merry, but know that there are other songs to be sung.

Live, but do not cling to your lives. Own, but do not be attached to your treasures.

Cherish your pearls and rubies, let them dazzle your eyes, but know that they are not yours. They belong to the earth.

Celebrate life, but be ready to depart the moment the banquet ends.

When life bids you farewell and death greets you, embrace her with open arms.

Global Perspective, USA 

Soft Cover

23 x 16 x 1cm – 112 pages

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