A Manual for Pioneers

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A Manual for PioneersLast copy. Slight damage on the back cover.

This book contains advice on everything that a pioneer ( or even a stay -at-home) will need, from a copy of the Greatest Name and a photograph of 'Abdu'l Bahá in the front, to basic recipes and health hints at the back. It includes down to earth advice on where and how to go, culture shock, climate, morals, servants, mud huts, how to furnish a nest and meeting place ( for almost nothing) , sanitary facilities, common hazards and much much more. Rúhíyyih Khanúm herself undertook extensive travels through the five continents and as a vivifying breeze infused a new spirit into the tired bodies of the pioneers. Through this book her tender concern and gift of common sense will continue to travel to the hearts of pioneers everwhere. Her advice is as true today as it was 30 years ago.

Rúhíyyih Khanúm

Bahá'í Publishing Trust, India.


14.2 x 21 cms.

287 pages.