A Few Minutes A Day (GR)

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A Few Minutes A Day  (GR)

by Dicy Hall

A prayer to learn, something to do and something to consult about every day of every Bahá’í month. For children.


We all know how important it is for Bahá'ís to study the teachings of our Faith, to read from the holy writings every day, to reflect and consult on these teachings and to put them into practice. But how can we instil these habits in our young people? And who has the time?

Dicy Hall's book provides simple tools and short lessons that will help us
* educate our children in the importance of daily prayer, recitation and reflection on the writings
* give them an understanding of the Bahá'í teachings and
*enable them to learn the art of consultation
so that they will develop good morals, a sense of self-worth and healthy patterns of behaviour.
All its takes is a few minutes a day.
Designed for primary school aged children but can be adapted for younger and older children.

George Ronald, Oxford

304 pages

23.1 x 15.3 cm (10.25 x 6.25in)

Soft cover