A Boy in Akka (1868-1870)

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A Boy in Akka (1868-1870)Thousands of years ago the Old Testament prophets called Akka a Door of Hope, but in 1868, at the time of this story, Akka had suffered from so many famines, plagues and wars that people rarely thought about this prophecy any more. It was now a prison city where the worst criminals were sent from all over the Ottoman Empire.The authorities were frightened of new ideas, and sometimes people who had not done anything wrong at all were put into prison along with murderers and thieves.

This story is about a boy called Hamid who discovers something wonderful about one of these innocent prisoners.The Prisoner, His Family, the pilgrims, and a shaykh who visits the prison are all real people, The boy is imaginary, but what he discovers is true. In fact, he finds the answer to the most glorious secret of all time, right here, in Akka!.

A good brief introductory book for young people.

By: Jacqueline Mehrabi

BPT India

Hard Cover

22.5 x 14.5 cm