Twelve Steps and the Baha'i Faith: One Member's Perspective

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Twelve Steps and the Baha'i Faith: One Member's PerspectiveThe goal of this book is to explain to people in recovery how the Bahá’í Writings can help them develop a closer connection to their Higher Power, and to describe to members of the Bahá’í community how the twelve-step program works and what they might gain by joining a recovery group. The twelve-step programs—which can help those who suffer from a wide variety of addictive behaviours or who have had family members experience these difficulties—focus on honesty, authenticity, and unconditional love. The healing process is a physical one as well as a spiritually transformative one. This book aims to show the connections between the recovery and Bahá’í community and what each can learn from each other. This book includes a number of passages from the Bahá’í Writings.

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96 pages