Guide to Baha'i Funeral and Burial Practices, 2nd ed

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Guide to Baha'i Funeral and Burial Practices, 2nd edWith useful information on arranging one's affairs, this compilation has been thoroughly researched and answers many questions Baha'is have about the Baha'i laws as well as dignified ways to assist those who are preparing for passage.

There are suggestions for individuals, Local Spiritual Assemblies, families and funeral directors as well as a selection of readings such as the Obligatory Prayer for the Departed.

Recommendations for body preparation, sources for fabric, considerations for purchasing a casket and examples of loved ones' personal experiences are brought together here to help with decisions in both anticipated and unexpected circumstances.

Author: Natalie M. Reyes

Publisher: Elegant Impressions

Pages: 44

22 x 14 cm

Soft Cover