Unto God Shall We Return

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Unto God Shall We Return

This is the most reliable and comprehensive source of information on the destiny, reality, and immortality of the human soul.

Unto God Shall We Return portrays a destiny of unutterable beauty and splendor for those who fulfill their lives’ purpose during their short stay on this planet. It shows that death is not a voyage to grave, but to God. This book brings comfort to all those who mourn the loss of their loved ones, and instills hope, peace, and joy by unveiling glimpses of the glories that await anyone who fulfills his mission on earth and joins the host of heaven. We are not permanent residents of this planet, but travelers on a journey to a new and exciting world:

Say: "O son of man! Sorrow not save that thou art far from Us. Rejoice not save that thou art drawing near and returning unto Us.”

Man is the life of the world, and the life of man is the spirit…Rejoice, for the life eternal is awaiting you.

I can truly say that I hope all the Bahá’ís will avail themselves of this compilation, and that they will consider how to use all or some of its quotations to share with non-Bahá’í relatives and friends—indeed, the general public—at moments of sorrow, stress and confusion.

All of us come in contact with non-Bahá’ís when they have lost a dear one, or they, like all of us, are caught up in the torrent of crime and terrorism so often leading to violent death which increasingly characterizes the end of the 20th century.

The Bahá’í concepts and explanations should be of infinite help to others who may not wish, or be able at the present time, to embrace the Faith in its entirety as we have, but who sorely need comfort and guidance.”
—Rúhíyyih Rabbání

Global Perspective, USA

Soft Cover

18 x 11 x 1cm – 163 pages