Death: the Door to Heaven

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Death: the Door to Heaven

Why did we come to this world? Did we come to live for a few decades and then disappear into a grave? No! This book shows that we are here for a purpose—a most glorious purpose. We are at the beginning of a journey, where we pause for a moment, and then move on. Yet that one moment matters more than the eternity that follows it. It sets the course of the rest of the journey. The choices we make in this world determine our destiny in all the worlds that follow it. Should we not then learn how to spend this one moment the way God would wish us to spend it?

What a waste of life to live without knowing why we are here, where we are going, and how we can reach our destination—the one God has chosen for us? This small book offers the signposts that can help us make our journey pleasant and fruitful not only during our brief stay here but also during the eternity that follows it.

Global Perspective, USA

Soft Cover

18 x 11 x 1cm – 176 pages