The Reality of Man

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The Reality of ManWhat is a human being?

What if it were possible for God to tell us why He created human beings? What if it were possible for Him to tell us the purpose of our existence?

Members of the Baha'i Faith believe that just such information --and vastly more--is found in the revelation of Baha'u'llah, a body of work they consider to be the revealed Word of God. Baha'u'llah, Whose given name was Mirza Husayn-Ali (1817-1892), was a Persian nobleman Who claimed to receive a new revelation from God fulfilling prophetic expectations of all the major religions while laying the foundation for a world civilization.

The Reality of Man presents a glimpse of the unique depth, range, and creative potency of Baha'u'llah's writings on such fundamental questions as: What is a human being? What is the purpose of human existence? Where did we come from? Is there a God? What is God like? Do we each have a preordained role or mission in life? Is there life after death? Are some religions "true" and others "false"? How can one evaluate religions?

This compilation provides a sample of the Baha'i religion's vast teachings on the nature of man and answers these questions and more.

Compilers: Terry J. Cassiday, Christopher Martin, Bahhaj Taherzadeh

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing, Wilmette


Size: 11 x 18 cm (4 1/4" X 7" Inches)

Soft Cover