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Teaching and Pioneering

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The Magnet of Divine Blessings: Teaching the Cause of GodThis book presents over 300 quotations from the sacred scriptures of four great religions on teaching the Cause of God and proclaiming the news of the Advent of the One promised by all religions: Bahá'u'lláh.
Compiler: Hushidar Hugh. Ed. D Motlagh

Publisher: Global Perspective


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Friendship, Fellowship And Transformation (GR)

by Michael Winger

The role of the individual in raising up a new society, highlighting the fireside method.

George Ronald, Oxford

Soft cover

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The Story Of David And Esther Tanyi (GR)

‘Adam and Eve of the Bahá’í Faith in Cameroon’

by Enoch Tanyi

‘At the airport, while relatives dissolved in tears, the pioneers marched cheerfully to the plane.’

Georger Ronald, Oxford

Soft Cover

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Gumpchy the Little Baha'i BearGumpchy the Little Baha'i Bear is a delightfully refreshing story about a little bear and his family who move to the Australian bush to pioneer.

Baha'i Publications, Australia

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On Wings of DestinyLearn to become more spiritual by listening to a dialogue between two friends. Participate in a "deepening session” or a "fireside chat,” and learn the answers to many "Why?” questions people ask.

Global Perspective, USA

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Proclaim the Most Great NameJust knowing how to teach the Faith is not enough. We also need to find the receptive souls. This book offers 210 ways to find such souls.

Global Perspective, USA

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God’s 19 Great Little TranquilizersThis mini-book presents briefly the 19 most significant spiritual principles that bind us to our Creator. You can study them with your Bahá’í friends as you study the Ruhi books. It is also of special value to those who would like to become more spiritual without joining any religion.

Global Perspective, USA

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Personal Path, Practical FeetIn this collection of essays, Jaellayna Palmer has captured the spirit of journey in a personal, practical way. Even simple, everyday moments such as sharing coffee with friends, commuting to work, or packing for a vacation are occasions for spiritual insights.

Author: Jaellayna Palmer

Publisher: Peace by Piece Publishing