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Health and Well-Being

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When You're Down and Troubled (booklet)selection of 19 comforting quotations and five prayers for assistance, including "Refresh and gladden my spirit . . . "
It will be welcomed by anyone facing financial difficulties, family problems, sadness, or despair. 

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In Search of Healing (booklet)

This Gift Card Booklet uses a unique 14-panel fold-around format that provides room for lots of quotations on a full-color background while remaining very inexpensive. It packs a lot of comfort in a form that is easy to carry and share.

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Alzheimer’s Disease. An Eclipse before SunsetThis booklet captures the bittersweet experience of Alzheimer’s disease.

Author: A M Ghadirian, MD

Publisher: Palabra


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PRESCRIPTION FOR HEALTHA comprehensive guide on health issues

By: Dr Manouchehr N Nadimi

A compilation of Baha’i writings on health subjects. In addition, this book is a review of the latest scientific discoveries which have been published by the world renowned authors in their field.

Baha'i Publications, Australia


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Health EternalIf you are at all interested in alternative medicine and nutrition, or if you are thinking about "cleaning up your life," then you will want this book.

Author: Dr Evelyn Pritchard

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing Trust Malaysia

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Getting Old  (GR)

Harlan Carl Scheffler, 92, takes a humorous look at what it is like to get old, then older, and move into a care facility.He reflects on what happens to us as we face idle times and experience the need for special care. And hewonders, ‘What happens next? Is life immortal?’

Soft cover

George Ronald, Oxford

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The Divine Art Of Meditation  (GR)

Meditation and visualization techniques for a healthy mind, body and soul

by Farnaz Ma'súmián

‘A wonderful work, with amazing clarity, honesty, and an openness to reality.’Nader SaiediUCLA, author of Gate of the Heart

Soft cover

George Ronald, Oxford

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Seeking Intimacy In A Diverse Community  (GR)

by Phyllis K. Peterson

How the Bahá’í community is learning to develop true intimacy through devotional meetings, reflection meetings and home visits and how it is learning to integrate not only the races but those who are outcast because of mental illness or physical disability.

George Ronald, Oxford

Soft cover