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10-16 Years

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THE LAMPThe life Story of the Báb

by Jacqueline Mehrabi, Illustrated by Shahrokh Na’el.

A beautifully written and nicely illustrated coffee table full colour book for all. A nice gift item for all ages.

Baha'i Publications, Australia

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The Green YearsBy: Fariborz Sahba

This children’s book portrays the history of The Báb and the heroic stories of His followers during the Bábí Dispensation.

This book is a revised edition (2008)

Baha'i Publishing Trust, India


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Pocketful of Pearls - Prayers & Writings for Older ChildrenThe new edition of A Pocketful of Pearls has a stunning cover by Joe Paczkowski.  It will appeal to the intended readers, who are between the ages of seven and twelve.

Special Ideas - USA

Pocket size booklet

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My Pilgrimage to Haifa November 1919Author: Bahiyyih Randall Winckler,   Book Design: Suni D. Hannan
This is a delightful story of a twelve-year-old girl who went with her parents in November 1919 to Haifa to visit Abdu'l-Baha. She shares her memories of such a precious experience and supplements the story with pictures she took with her brownie box camera, some of which are published here for the first time.
Publisher: Baha'i Publishing Trust of the United States
Hard cover

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Kyle Jeffries, Pilgrim	Kyle, a little league baseball player, feels torn when he learns that his family's long-awaited pilgrimage date to the Baha'i World Center in Haifa, Israel, is coming up - it will mean his missing the All-Stars game. Although being in Israel is exciting, Kyle can't seem to stop thinking about everything that he's missing at home.

Author: Gail Radley   Illustrator: Taurus Burns

Publisher: Bellwood Press

Soft cover

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Discovering the SunAuthor: Jacqueline Mehrabi

The second book in the Discovering series finds fifteen-year-old Fern leaving home to attend boarding school, and preparing to observe the Bahá’í Fast for the first time.

Baha'i Publishing Trust, USA

Soft cover

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Discovering the MoonDiscovering the Moon is the story of a soon-to-be fifteen-year-old girl as she explores what it means to be in charge of her own spiritual destiny by having deep spiritual conversations with her loving family members.

Author Jacqueline Mehrabi invites readers into Fern’s world to ponder deep questions about what it means to grow up and grapple with one’s spiritual existence.

Baha'i Publishing Trust, USA

Soft cover

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Healing Hasan’s HeartHealing Hasan’s HeartJohn S. Hatcher

A coming-of-age story that finds thirteen-year-old Hasan dealing with a tragic event and exploring his own identity and place in the world.

Baha'i Publishing, USA

Soft Cover