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Healing Hasan’s HeartHealing Hasan’s HeartJohn S. Hatcher

A coming-of-age story that finds thirteen-year-old Hasan dealing with a tragic event and exploring his own identity and place in the world.

Baha'i Publishing, USA

Soft Cover

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Penny Wishes

Author: Kimberly Burke-Weiner

Every day a woman throws a penny into the sea and makes a wish - while her neighbors live exciting lives and make their dreams come true. When a storm returns a lifetime of pennies, she is forced to rethink her passive life choices.

Hard Cover

Inquiring Voices Press, USA

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The Power of Prayer: Make a Joyful Noise Faced with raising two children with disabilities and the loss of her own eyesight, Brode experienced seemingly insurmountable hardships in her personal life. Through her discovery of the power of prayer, she rose to meet the challenges confronting her family with remarkable strength and fortitude.
Author: Pamela Brode
Baha'i Publishing, USA

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The Martyrs: True Stories of HeroismBy Betty Frost

The book contains the heart-rending stories of those stalwarts of the Faith who are shining examples for the entire Bahá’í world community. The language employed in the book is very simple as it is primarily meant for the junior youths and the young adults. It is recommended to be used as a touching and inspiring reading material for young Bahá’ís.

Nightingale Press, India

Soft cover

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The Woman Who Read Too Much (A Novel) - Hard Cover

Author: Bahiyyih Nakhjavani

Set in the world of the Qajar monarchs, mayors, ministers, and mullahs, this book explores the dangerous and at the same time luminous legacy left by a remarkable person. Bahiyyih Nakhjavani offers a gripping tale that is at once a compelling history of a pioneering woman, a story of nineteenth century Iran told from the street level up ...

Redwood Press, USA
Hard Cover

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The Insistent SelfThe greatest challenge we face in striving to be spiritual beings is our "insistent self” or ego.

By: Lesley Shams

Baha'i Publications, Australia

Soft Cover

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What Good Will ComeBy Jana Hannigan

A heartwarming story that will help children learn problem solving and discover the importance of relying on God during times of tests.

Baha'i Publishing Trust, US


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From Sin to Salvation, The Ascent of the SoulBy John Hatcher

Exploring traditional concepts of sin and salvation, heaven and hell, Satan and evil, this remarkable work focuses on how the soul can escape from sin and advance spiritually, even in the afterlife and even if one has lived a life of sin and unbelief.

Baha'i Publishing Trust, US

Soft Cover