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Mullá Ḥusayn: The Story of the Declaration of the Báb for Young ChildrenMullá Ḥusayn: The Story of the Declaration of the Báb for Young Children is a true story written for young children about the declaration of the Báb, to help them form an understanding of what this celebration is.

By: Alhan Rahimi
Illustrator: Alina Onipchenko
Soft Cover

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The Moon Was There: Glimpses from the Báb’s Childhood for Young ChildrenIn 1819, a unique Child was born. The moon remembers His birth and childhood. This book is about the Báb’s Childhood written in a simple language for Young Children.

Author: Alhan Rahimi

Illustrator: Anahit Aleksanvan

Soft Cover

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A pack of 45 Introductory Leaflets. 

Ideal to give away to enquirers.

Produced by Warwick Bahá'i Bookshop

Folded Size 10 cm by 21.5 cm 

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Climate Change: A Bahá’í View (Pack of 10 leaflets)

This leaflet presents a Bahá’í viewpoint on the spiritual aspects of the human causes of global warming and on what needs to change. Topics include moderation, justice, unity, co-operation and balance.


Available in packs of 10 leaflets for £1

Produced by Warwick Bahá’í Bookshop

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The Secrets of True Happiness (GR)

by Farnaz, Bijan, and Adib Masumian

What exactly do we mean by happiness? Is it attainable or only a wish? The authors make a convincing case that happiness is both real and attainable. 

George Ronald, Oxford

Soft Cover

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Ios and the King (GR)

Illustrated by Susan Reed

‘Abdu'l-Bahá recounted to Lua Getsinger, an early American Bahá'í, the age-old stories of Ios, a shepherd, and the king he loved. Each story portrayed the sort of love, loyalty and devotion we are meant to have for God.

George Ronald, Oxford

Soft Cover

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Eagles in the Dust: Alcohol and Other Chemical Pastimes (GR)

by Robert Cacchioni

The case for choosing a life free from alcohol and drugs – and not only for health reasons.

George Ronald, Oxford

Soft Cover

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Bahá’u’lláh, The West, And The Birth Of Modernity (GR)

An Essay on the Awakening of Humanity

by Stephen Beebe

From the French Revolution to the 21st century, from the Tablets to the Kings to the institute process, this book offers a perspective on the significance of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation for the spiritual empowerment of the masses as protagonists of their own advancement.

George Ronald, Oxford
Soft Cover