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Comparitive Religion

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Rebekah's Well  (GR)

By: Trish Wilkinson

The lives of women and men mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Qur'án as well as those from Bahá'í history, recounted in the story-telling tradition.

George Ronald Publishing, Oxford


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Letter to the Christians by Bahá'u'lláh

With an introduction & commentary by Jeremy Fox

and a Foreword by the Rev. Dr. Wallace Shaw (Edinburgh)

The book raises fundamental issues about how we understand Christ’s place in religious history and how Christianity relates to its own prophetic vision of humanity’s united future as ‘one flock with one shepherd’.

Whether the reader is a Christian, of another faith or is simply interested in comparitive religion, this book provides much food for thought.

Baha'i Publication, Mauritius


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A Study Course on Teaching MuslimsBy Jabbar Eidelkhani

This course helps one to be a better teacher of Muslim population in his area.

Baha'i Publishing Trust, India

Soft Cover - Booklet

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The Magnet of Divine Blessings: Teaching the Cause of GodThis book presents over 300 quotations from the sacred scriptures of four great religions on teaching the Cause of God and proclaiming the news of the Advent of the One promised by all religions: Bahá'u'lláh.
Compiler: Hushidar Hugh. Ed. D Motlagh

Publisher: Global Perspective


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Islam And The Baha'i Faith (GR)

An Introduction to the Bahá'í Faith for Muslims

by Moojan Momen

An easy-to-read view of the Bahá'í Faith from a Muslim perspective, based on Islamic prophecies and Sunni traditions.

George Ronald, Oxford

Soft cover

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The Half Of It Was Never Told (GR)By Carolyn Sparey Fox

Three men . . . three continents . . . one passion . . .

Only one of them found what he was looking for. A rip-roaring read!

The three men featured in this book lived on three different continents, and although they never met, two of them came tantalisingly close when their paths crossed in the Middle East.

George Ronald Publisher, Oxford

Soft Cover

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The Light of the Kingdom : Biblical Topics in the Bahá’í Writings By JoAnn Borovicka

A comprehensive and eye-opening guide to biblical topics as they are addressed in the Bahá’í writings.

The book provides an introductory compilation of the wealth of insights on biblical topics offered in the Bahá’í Writings.

Baha'i Publishing Trust, US


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One Light Many LampsAn explanation of why God would reveal so many religions.

By Justice St Rain

Special Ideas, USA

Mini booklet, soft cover