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Science and Religion

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Is Atheism A Theism?  (GR)

The Unnecessary Conflict and other essays

By Ronald Ford

Six thought-provoking essays cutting through the ‘jargon jungle’ that permeates and distorts the current stand-off between those who believe in a God or Creator and those who reject such beliefs, in particular the increasingly popular ‘New Atheists’. The book addresses the mental struggle of many sincere seekers who are trying to rationalize their convictions in this scientific age, and highlights the urgent need for dialogue between religion and science.

George Ronald, Oxford


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The Science and Spirit of ManagementThe Science and Spirit of Management presents an evolutionary explanation of the fundamentals of management. It approaches the subject through a new paradigm that merges the physical and spiritual realities of human beings and acknowledges the oneness of humanity.

Author: Andre Faizi Alves

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Bahá'i Distribution Service, USA

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Time And The Baha'i Era - A Study Of The Badi' Calendar (GR)

by Gerald Keil

This thought-provoking book examines the historical background and symbolic significance of the Badí‘ calendar, as well as practical issues to be resolved before it can assume its rightful place as a world calendar.

George Ronald, Oxford

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One Reality: The Harmony of Science and ReligionMeticulously researched and compiled by Bonnie J. Taylor, One Reality offers a comprehensive overview of the subject from a Bahá'í perspective, and includes a thought-provoking and challenging introduction from John S. Hatcher, a highly respected academic and the author of numerous books about Bahá'í scripture and theology.

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing USA


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Revelation & Social Reality  This book explores how, as Bahá’ís, we try to understand Bahá’u’lláh's Revelation and act on our understanding to achieve His purpose. Topics discussed include the nature of change in social reality, Bahá’í understanding and practice, learning and growth, participating in the advancement of society, and problems of knowledge and power.

Paul Lample

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Palabra Publications

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Faith, Physics and Psychology Rethinking Society and the Human Spirit

Despite the progress of Western Civilization in economic, scientific, and other areas, a lack of corresponding progress with respect to spiritual life has left much of society feeling disoriented and unbalanced. Medina's insight sheds light on ways to address this imbalance. The ultimate goal of this examination is to present a path toward a prosperous global civilization that fulfills humanity’s physical, psychological, and spiritual needs.

Author: John Fitzgerald Medina