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Collections of short excerpts from the writings of Baha'u'llah, 'The Bab and Abdu'l Baha, which can be used for daily reading. Some of the books may also include quotations from other sources.
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Horizon of the Unseen - 3rd editionAn uplifting compilation of writings taken from a wide spectrum of religious and cultural traditions, categorised into themes and presented alongside paintings by Corinne Randall.

Intellect Books, Bristol

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Pearls of Wisdom (US)Pearls of Wisdon is a beautifully illustrated book of passages from the Baha'i writings, presented in a manner that will appeal to children of all ages.
Compiled & illustrated by: Constanze Von Kitzing
Publisher: Baha'i Publishing, USA
Hard Cover

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We Are With You At All Times... (GR)

We are with you at all times . . . brings together passages from the Bahá’í writings and other sacred texts on the themes of spiritual growth and service to the unity, well-being, peace and security of humanity.
Recognizing the Eternal Presence, Sovereignty & All-Knowingness of God
by Catharino James Elijio
Soft Cover
George Ronald, Oxford

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Short Selections from the Bahá’í WritingsThis small (A6) booklet is intended to give an idea of the range of subjects covered in the Bahá'í Writings, from spiritual to practical subjects, from personal spiritual development to how the world should be run. 

Warwick Baha'i Bookshop

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Pearls Of Wisdom (Compilation)Daily Readings: Pearls of Wisdom is a compilation of selected Bahá’í readings for the purpose of deepening and meditation.

Century Press, Australia


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Divine Art of LivingOriginally printed in 1944, this precious selection from the writings of Baha'u'llah and Abdu'l-Baha has been a mainstay of inspiration for readers seeking solid spiritual ground. Whether you are searching for answers to inner concerns, working to improve relationships with others, or to better the world around you, here you will find loving counsel and hope. A collection offering inspirational, practical, spiritual guidance for achieving peace and harmony in one's personal life and in the world. Provides example of how spiritual principles can be applied and how they can raise a call to action.

Soft cover

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The Eternal SoulA selection of Bahá'í Writings on the theme of the soul, compiled and illustrated by Corinne Randall.

Published by Intellect, Bristol.

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Reflections from the Sacred Writings of the Baha'i Faith

All of the Ruhi memorization quotations in one handy pocket reference that is so beautifully designed that it doubles as a gift booklet for seekers.

Special Ideas, USA