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Spiritual Transformation

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Benefits of Unity in Diversity - How to Use the Clash of Ideas to Make Better DecisionsAuthor: Joan Hernandez

This book explores the nature of unity in diversity and its practice. In the process it explains the need to make decisions using consultation, with an attitude of investigating truth and making decisions that contribute to the well-being of all.

Baha'i Publishing Trust, USA

Soft cover

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Horizon of the Unseen - 3rd editionAn uplifting compilation of writings taken from a wide spectrum of religious and cultural traditions, categorised into themes and presented alongside paintings by Corinne Randall.

Intellect Books, Bristol

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Little Book Of Comfort

By Lesley Shams

Little Book of Comfort tries to find answers to questions which confronts every human being: the reason for suffering.

Bahá'í Literature & Publication Trust, India

Soft Cover (booklet)

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When You're Down and Troubled (booklet)selection of 19 comforting quotations and five prayers for assistance, including "Refresh and gladden my spirit . . . "
It will be welcomed by anyone facing financial difficulties, family problems, sadness, or despair. 

Special Ideas, US


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In Search of Healing (booklet)

This Gift Card Booklet uses a unique 14-panel fold-around format that provides room for lots of quotations on a full-color background while remaining very inexpensive. It packs a lot of comfort in a form that is easy to carry and share.

Special Ideas, US


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Spirit of Faith: The Oneness of GodSpirit of Faith: The Oneness of God is a compilation of writings and prayers that will offer hope for a better future - one filled with unity, understanding, and acceptance between all peoples and religions of the world.

Compiler: Baha'i Publishing

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing  USA


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Spirit of Faith: Sacrifice and ServiceSpirit of Faith: Sacrifice and Service is a compilation of writings and prayers that focus on sacrifice and service—subjects that are given great importance in the Bahá’í writings.

Compiler: Baha'i Publishing

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing USA


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Prescription for LivingBy Rúhíyyih Rabbani

The subject of this challenging book is man's present unhappiness, confusion and uncertainty. The author gives tips on how to be happy, forming good habits, love and marriage and overcoming sorrow and trials.

Baha'i Publishing Trust, India

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