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Nunki : The Bahá’í-Activity-GameNunki : The Bahá’í-Activity-Game

The exciting journey of the divided human race (ENGLISH/GERMAN VERSION)

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Created and supplied by Ninestar Games

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Gift of Prayers & Selected Writings - Deluxe EditionBeautiful deluxe edition of A Gift of Prayers. 116 selections with the power to transform a life. This little booklet holds enough spiritual guidance to meet the needs and attract hearts of anyone willing to read it, yet it is small enough to slip in a purse or coat pocket.

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Soft cover pocket size

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Hidden Words Postcard BookletThis strip of six postcards presents the first six Hidden Words in a beautiful format that is both child-friendly and appropriate for adults.

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A Healing and Assistance Prayers Postcard BookletFrom the "Remover of Difficulties" to the short healing prayer, these cards will heal, support and encourage anyone facing personal challenges.

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When You're Down and Troubled (booklet)selection of 19 comforting quotations and five prayers for assistance, including "Refresh and gladden my spirit . . . "
It will be welcomed by anyone facing financial difficulties, family problems, sadness, or despair. 

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In Search of Healing (booklet)

This Gift Card Booklet uses a unique 14-panel fold-around format that provides room for lots of quotations on a full-color background while remaining very inexpensive. It packs a lot of comfort in a form that is easy to carry and share.

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The Promise of World Peace: To the Peoples of the WorldA statement on peace addressing civilization's coming of age, the spiritual roots of peace, the path to world order, the construction of a peaceful global civilization, and the basis of human happiness.

Author: Universal House of Justice
Baha'i Publishing Trust, USA
Soft cover

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Prayers For ChildrenA collection of Bahá'í prayers compiled specifically for young children. The beautiful colour illustrations will appeal to children of all ages.

Compiler: Constanze von Kitzing
Publisher: Baha'i Publishing, USA
Hard cover