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Nunki : The Bahá’í-Activity-GameNunki : The Bahá’í-Activity-Game

The exciting journey of the divided human race (ENGLISH/GERMAN VERSION)

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Created and supplied by Ninestar Games

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Gift of Prayers & Selected Writings - Deluxe EditionBeautiful deluxe edition of A Gift of Prayers. 116 selections with the power to transform a life. This little booklet holds enough spiritual guidance to meet the needs and attract hearts of anyone willing to read it, yet it is small enough to slip in a purse or coat pocket.

Special Ideas USA

Soft cover pocket size

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A Companion To The Study Of Epistle To The Son Of The Wolf (GR)

Essential background information on Bahá’u’lláh’s ‘last outstanding Tablet’.

George Ronald, Oxford
Soft Cover

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Persian Ruhi Book 5 (FREE OF CHARGE FOR UK Customers Only)UK CUSTOMERS ONLY


Persian Ruhi Book 5

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Heroes Of The New Age (GR)

By Edward Nadeau Diliberto

The stories of Mullá Husayn, Quddús, Táhirih, Vahíd, Hujjat, Zaynab and other early Bábis, vibrantly retold.

George Ronald, Oxford
Soft Cover

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Mullá Ḥusayn: The Story of the Declaration of the Báb for Young ChildrenMullá Ḥusayn: The Story of the Declaration of the Báb for Young Children is a true story written for young children about the declaration of the Báb, to help them form an understanding of what this celebration is.

By: Alhan Rahimi
Illustrator: Alina Onipchenko
Soft Cover

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The Moon Was There: Glimpses from the Báb’s Childhood for Young ChildrenIn 1819, a unique Child was born. The moon remembers His birth and childhood. This book is about the Báb’s Childhood written in a simple language for Young Children.

Author: Alhan Rahimi

Illustrator: Anahit Aleksanvan

Soft Cover

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A pack of 45 Introductory Leaflets. 

Ideal to give away to enquirers.

Produced by Warwick Bahá'i Bookshop

Folded Size 10 cm by 21.5 cm