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Death and the Afterlife

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Spirit of Faith: Life After DeathSpirit of Faith: Life After Death is a compilation of writings and prayers that discuss the topic of death and the transition from this life to the worlds beyond our world.

Compiler: Baha'i Publishing USA

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing


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Spirit of Faith: The Human SoulSpirit of Faith: The Human Soul is a compilation of writings and prayers that focus on the human soul and the qualities of this remarkable and unique aspect of our existence.

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing USA


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Mema Says Good-ByeDrawing its inspiration from the Baha'i writings, this book is designed to help families with young children approach the often difficult subject of losing a loved one in a thoughtful and caring manner.
Author: Cynthia Jaskwhich
Illustrator: Luthando Mazibuko

Publisher: Bellwood Press, USA
Hard Cover 
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Meditations on the Life to Come - Interfaith ResourcesThis collection of reassuring quotations helps people face the next stage in life's eternal journey. It includes short quotations from ten religions plus words of wisdom from poets and philosophers throughout the ages and around the world.

Special Ideas, USA

Compiled by Justice St Rain

Cover art is by Joe Paczkowski

Mini Booklet - Soft Cover

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Ocean of Healing

Ocean of Healing Mini-Book

The need for healing physical, emotional, and spiritual, is on the minds of just about everyone you know.

This book of prayers and quotations can be used as a tool to help people deal with the stress and uncertainty of illness. It provides hope, comfort and reassurance for both patients and their loved ones.

Publisher: Special Ideas

Soft cover booklet

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Understanding Death: The Most Important Event of Your LifeA personal exploration of mortality and death, the inevitable journey of human life, and the acceptance of faith.

By: John S. Hatcher

Baha'i Publishing Trust, USA

Soft cover

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Words to Comfort, Words to HealPoems and Meditations for those who Grieve

This inspirational anthology celebrates lives that have ended and offers consolation to those left behind.

Juliet Mabey

Oneworld Publications


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Burial Ring Arabic

Burial ring with inscription in Arabic.


Non-precioius metal.