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Baha'i Introductions and Leaflets

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£ 6.50
Religion on the Healing Edge: What Baha'is BelieveAn introduction to the Baha'i Faith that challenges readers to view religion, civilization, and spirituality in a new way. A marvelous book for anyone interested in learning more about the mission of the Baha'i Faith and the relevance of its teachings.

Author: Frank Stetzer 

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing USA


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£ 2.50
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The Light of Bahá’u’lláhThis book is useful for personal study. It can be a study guide for new Bahá’ís and for youth.

Soft Cover

Publisher: Palabra Publications

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£ 4.00
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THE BAHA'I FAITH. (Perkins/Hainsworth)The revised edition of the Bahá’í Faith written by Mary Perkins and Philip Hainsworth is now available with new sections.

Baha'i Publishing, Australia


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£ 7.50
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God Speaks Again: An Introduction to the Baha'i FaithAuthor: Kenneth E. Bowers 
An Introduction to the Bahá'í Faith by Kenneth E. Bowers, is the first to place the founder of the religion-a nineteenth century Persian named Bahá'u'lláh-at the very heart of the story. And what a compelling story it is.

Baha'i Publishing Trust, USA

Soft cover

(Code: INT272.SC)
£ 6.50
Baha'i BasicsAuthor: Frances Worthington

Bahá'í Basics is an introduction to the Bahá'í Faith that covers the basic teachings, principles, and history of the Faith in an easy-to-use Q&A format.

Baha'i Publishing Trust, USA

Soft cover

(Code: INT145.BL)
£ 1.00
Tell Me About Baha'u'llahBy Justice St Rain
When we tell people about Baha'u'llah, we need to acknowledge their potential fear and address it with compassion and confidence. That is what this powerful little booklet does.

Special Ideas, USA

Booklet, soft cover

(Code: INT176.BL)
£ 2.00
The Baha'i Faith (Aus)A colourful brochure with beautiful illustrations.

Basic principles of Baha'i belief.

Baha'i Publications Australia

Soft Cover

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£ 3.50
The Earth is But One Country(Reduced from £7 to £3.50 for quick sale)
The purpose of this book is to show how the Bahá'í Faith meets the needs of humanity today, and how it is building up what is believed will be a new world-wide civilization in which all peoples can live together in justice, harmony, and peace.

by John Huddleston

Baha'i Publishing Trust, India

Soft Cover